[lldb-dev] Questions from a Linux user

Joe Damato ice799 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 13:55:54 PDT 2010

yo -

i'm joining the party late, but i saw this message in the archive.
sorry for the copy/paste...

> // Do ELF files have any notion of the other shared libraries that
> // an executable ELF file or a shared library ELF file depend upon?
> // If this can be determined, just fill in the file list. Else, don't
> // worry about it (clear the file list and return zero).
> virtual uint32_t
> GetDependentModules (FileSpecList& file_list) = 0;

Yes, ELF files have this. in the dynamic section there is an entry of
type DT_DEBUG. that holds a pointer to the r_debug structure, which
holds a pointer to the link_map. the link_map structure is a linked
list of all the shared objects currently loaded.

the r_debug structure has the stuff you'll need to get runtime dynamic
linking working.

i'm interesting in helping out. where are the linux people working on
this hanging out? don't want to re-write anything anyone else is
already hacking on...

joe damato

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