[lldb-dev] Update on Linux work.

Stephen Wilson wilsons at start.ca
Wed Jul 21 11:39:04 PDT 2010

Hi all!

This is a quick update on some work I have been doing on the linux
front, specifically a Process plugin for that platform.  

The current effort is still at an early stage.  In short, we can launch
an inferior process and set/step-over breakpoints.

However, I am thinking about merging this initial work into the tree
sooner rather than later to avoid dumping a huge patch on everyone at a
later time.  Although *not quite ready*, you can see the current plugin
code here:


A few issues I came across while working on this which should be
resolved before the linux plugin can be merged:

 - We need to make the dwarf debug section names (as defined
   SymbolFileDwarf.cpp) selectable by platform.  I implemented a simple
   macro hack to work around this for now.  A better solution might be
   to have a header #define the section names.  Any suggestions


 - There is a good bit of sharable code in the MacOSX-User plugin with
   respect to RegisterContext specializations.  Please find attached two
   files which provide a partial x86_64 RegisterContext specialization.
   The idea is to introduce
   lldb/include/Target/X86/RegisterContext_x86_64.h so all all plugins
   can share common definitions and code.  Again, any thoughts or
   suggestions on this approach appreciated!

Take care,

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