[lldb-dev] I implemented some support for JIT compiled code in LLDB.

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon at ulsnes.dk
Wed Dec 29 16:36:32 PST 2010

2010/12/27 Greg Clayton <gclayton at apple.com>:
> Most of the LLDB team is out for holiday vacation, we will try and get this patch looked at as soon as possible when we return in the new year!
> Sorry for the delay,

No worries, I found multiple problems and bugs with my patch for LLDB
already (including two crashes, where one was reintroduced since you
fixed it), and I will be posting an updated version as soon as
possible. :)

Tabs vs. spaces don't show up in my diffs, but I'll look into getting
it properly formatted for inclusion.

I'm also experiencing some problems with internal breakpoints (they
don't seem to ever get hit), and it might be either a problem with the
way I'm using the API, or a bug. I'll investigate.


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