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jasonmolenda added a comment.

LGTM, fwiw.

Comment at: lldb/docs/use/aarch64-linux.rst:37
+The example above has a vector length of 16 bytes. Within LLDB you will always
+see "vg" as in the ``vg`` register, which is 2 in this case (8*2 = 16).
+Elsewhere you may see "vq" which is the vector length in quadwords (16 bytes)
You describe vg without noting the size, but note the size of vq and vl.  Maybe these could be described similarly, as counting doublewords/quadwords/bytes.

Comment at: lldb/docs/use/aarch64-linux.rst:39
+Elsewhere you may see "vq" which is the vector length in quadwords (16 bytes)
+elsewhere. Where you see "vl", it is in bytes.
drop second elsewhere

Comment at: lldb/docs/use/aarch64-linux.rst:115
+* ``svcr`` the Streaming Vector Control Register. This is actually a pseduo
+  register but it matches the content of the architecturaly defined ``SVCR``.
+  This is the register you should use to check whether streaming mode and/or

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