[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D144392: [lldb] Skip signal handlers for ignored signals on lldb-server's side when stepping

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Mon Feb 20 07:33:47 PST 2023

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I'm afraid you're fixing this at the wrong end. This kind of complex thread control does not belong inside the debug stub.

IIUC, the problematic sequence of events is:

1. lldb sends a `vCont:s` packet
2. lldb-server resumes (PTRACE_SINGLESTEP)
3. process immediatelly stops again (without stepping) due to a pending signal
4. lldb-server decides to inject the signal and resumes (steps) again
5. process stops inside the signal handler
6. confusion ensues

If that's the case, then I think the bug is at step 4, specifically in this code:

  // Check if debugger should stop at this signal or just ignore it and resume
  // the inferior.
  if (m_signals_to_ignore.contains(signo)) {
     ResumeThread(thread, thread.GetState(), signo);

I believe we should not be attempting to inject the signal if the thread was stepping. I think we should change this to report the signal to the client and let it figure out what to do. I.e., change this code into something like:

  if (m_signals_to_ignore.contains(signo) && thread.GetState() == eStateRunning) {
     ResumeThread(thread, eStateRunning, signo);
  // else report the signal as usual

If that is not enough to fix the bug, then we can figure out what needs to be done on the client. @jingham might have something to say about that.

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