[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D135413: [lldb][CPlusPlusLanguage] Respect the step-avoid-regex for functions with auto return types

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The primary motivation for this patch is to make sure we handle
the step-in behaviour for functions in the `std` namespace which
have an `auto` return type. Currently the default `step-avoid-regex`
setting is `^std::` but LLDB will still step into template functions
with `auto` return types in the `std` namespace.

When we hit a breakpoint and check whether we should stop, we call
into `ThreadPlanStepInRange::FrameMatchesAvoidCriteria`. We then ask
for the frame function name via `SymbolContext::GetFunctionName(Mangled::ePreferDemangledWithoutArguments)`.
This ends up trying to parse the function name using `CPlusPlusLanguage::MethodName::GetBasename` which
parses the raw demangled name string.

In `CPlusPlusNameParser::ParseFunctionImpl` calls `ConsumeTypename` to skip
the (in our case auto) return type of the demangled name (according to the
Itanium ABI this is a valid thing to encode into the mangled name).

However, `ConsumeTypename` doesn't strip out a plain `auto` identifier
(it will strip a `decltype(auto) return type though)

This is another case where the `CPlusPlusNameParser` breaks us in subtle ways
due to evolving C++ syntax. There are longer-term plans of replacing the hand-rolled
C++ parser with an alternative that uses the mangle tree API to do the parsing for us.


- Added API and unit-tests
- Adding support for ABI tags into the parser is a larger undertaking which we would rather solve properly by using libcxxabi's mangle tree parser

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