[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D124579: Make partial function name matching match on context boundaries

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Fri Apr 29 14:59:14 PDT 2022

jingham marked 6 inline comments as done.
jingham added inline comments.

Comment at: lldb/include/lldb/Target/Language.h:225
+  // symbol was really B::A::my_function.  We want that to be
+  // a match.  But we wouldn't want this to match AnotherB::A::my_function.  The
+  // user is specifying a truncated path, not a truncated set of characters.
clayborg wrote:
> The comment should be adding something extra to "A" right? See suggested code change 
Yes, the comment was wrong.  I had a fancier example that was taking too many characters and I didn't delete enough when simplifying.  But I'm not sure what code change you are referring to?  I don't see how this is related to GetFunctionName.

Comment at: lldb/source/Core/Module.cpp:753-754
+        llvm::StringRef full_name = sc.GetFunctionName().GetStringRef();
+        if (full_name.empty() && sc.symbol)
+            full_name = sc.symbol->GetName().GetStringRef();
+        // We always keep unnamed symbols:
clayborg wrote:
> Remove this, SymbolContext::GetFunctionName() already returns the symbol name if there is no block with inlined function name or concrete function name.
Yeah, I swear I saw a case debugging through this where GetFunctionName was returning a null string but going to the Symbol worked, but reading through GetFunctionName I don't see how that could be and I can't reproduce the problem, so I must have been seeing some unrelated error.

Comment at: lldb/source/Plugins/Language/CPlusPlus/CPlusPlusLanguage.cpp:293-309
+  // Incoming path has context but this method does not, no match.
+  if (m_context.empty())
+    return false;
+  // Make sure the incoming path's context is found in the method context:
+  size_t path_pos = m_context.rfind(context);
+  if (path_pos == llvm::StringRef::npos)
labath wrote:
> ```
> StringRef haystack = m_context;
> if (!haystack.consume_back(context))
>   return false;
> if (haystack.empty() || !isalnum(haystack.back()))
>   return true;
> return false;
> ```
Much nicer, thanks!

Comment at: lldb/source/Plugins/Language/CPlusPlus/CPlusPlusLanguage.cpp:330
+//  size_t from = 0;
+//  llvm::StringRef demangled_ref = demangled.GetStringRef();
clayborg wrote:
> shafik wrote:
> > dead code?
> delete commented out code
Yup, that was the not very good (but much easier to implement) first try.  It's gone...

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