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Index: lldb/docs/use/python-reference.rst
--- lldb/docs/use/python-reference.rst
+++ lldb/docs/use/python-reference.rst
@@ -644,6 +644,51 @@
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+You can also make "container" commands to organize the commands you are adding to
+lldb.  Most of the lldb built-in commands structure themselves this way, and using
+a tree structure has the benefit of leaving the one-word command space free for user
+aliases.  It can also make it easier to find commands if you are adding more than
+a few of them.  Here's a trivial example of adding two "utility" commands into a
+"my-utilities" container:
+  #!/usr/bin/env python
+  import lldb
+  def first_utility(debugger, command, result, internal_dict):
+      print("I am the first utility")
+  def second_utility(debugger, command, result, internal_dict):
+      print("I am the second utility")
+  # And the initialization code to add your commands
+  def __lldb_init_module(debugger, internal_dict):
+      debugger.HandleCommand('command container add -h "A container for my utilities" my-utilities')
+      debugger.HandleCommand('command script add -f my_utilities.first_utility -h "My first utility" my-utilities first')
+      debugger.HandleCommand('command script add -f my_utilities.second_utility -h "My second utility" my-utilities second')
+      print('The "my-utilities" python command has been installed and its subcommands are ready for use.')
+Then your new commands are available under the my-utilities node:
+  (lldb) help my-utilities
+  A container for my utilities
+  Syntax: my-utilities
+  The following subcommands are supported:
+      first  -- My first utility  Expects 'raw' input (see 'help raw-input'.)
+      second -- My second utility  Expects 'raw' input (see 'help raw-input'.)
+  For more help on any particular subcommand, type 'help <command> <subcommand>'.
+  (lldb) my-utilities first
+  I am the first utility
 A more interesting template has been created in the source repository that can
 help you to create lldb command quickly:

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