[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D119548: [lldb] Fix race condition between lldb-vscode and stop hooks executor

Ilya Nozhkin via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Feb 14 16:35:21 PST 2022

ilya-nozhkin added a comment.

In D119548#3321357 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D119548#3321357>, @jingham wrote:

> SBTarget.Launch calls Target::Launch.  That sets up a hijacker for the "stop at the first instruction" event regardless of the Sync mode.

The problem that it sets up this hijacker too late. See this part of the log (lines starting with // are my comments):

  // The process has been launched successfully, its internal hijacker is removed.
   0x000002875FCB1AE0 Broadcaster("lldb.process")::RestoreBroadcaster (about to pop listener("LaunchEventHijack")=0x000002875FFCF890)
   Process::SetPublicState (state = stopped, restarted = 0)
   Process::SetPublicState (stopped) -- unlocking run lock
   Process::lldb_private::Process::StartPrivateStateThread() starting private state thread
  // Some internal magic happens inside the private state thread.
   Process::lldb_private::Process::ControlPrivateStateThread (signal = 4)
   Sending control event of type: 4.
   0000028760372F90 Broadcaster("lldb.process.internal_state_control_broadcaster")::BroadcastEvent (event_sp = {0000028760571460 Event: broadcaster = 000002876047C4C0 (lldb.process.internal_state_control_broadcaster), type = 0x00000004 (control-resume), data = {Generic Event Data}}, unique =0) hijack = 0000000000000000
   000002875FFD00D0 Listener('lldb.process.internal_state_listener')::AddEvent (event_sp = {0000028760571460})
   Process::lldb_private::Process::RunPrivateStateThread (arg = 000002876047C350, pid = 9944) thread starting...
   timeout = <infinite>, event_sp)...
   this = 0x000002875FFD00D0, timeout = <infinite> for lldb.process.internal_state_listener
   000002875FFD00D0 'lldb.process.internal_state_listener' Listener::FindNextEventInternal(broadcaster=000002876047C4C0, broadcaster_names=0000000000000000[0], event_type_mask=0x00000000, remove=1) event 0000028760571460
   Process::lldb_private::Process::RunPrivateStateThread (arg = 000002876047C350, pid = 9944) got a control event: 4
   000002875FFCF5D0 Listener::StartListeningForEvents (broadcaster = 000002876047C9C8, mask = 0x00000020) acquired_mask = 0x00000020 for Communication::SyncronizeWithReadThread
   timeout = <infinite>, event_sp)...
   this = 0x000002875FFD00D0, timeout = <infinite> for lldb.process.internal_state_listener
   Process::ShouldBroadcastEvent (00000287604D4CB0) => new state: stopped, last broadcast state: stopped - YES
   Process::lldb_private::Process::HandlePrivateEvent (pid = 9944) broadcasting new state stopped (old state stopped) to public
  // Process broadcasts the stop event.
   000002875FCB1AE0 Broadcaster("lldb.process")::BroadcastEvent (event_sp = {00000287604D4CB0 Event: broadcaster = 000002876047C378 (lldb.process), type = 0x00000001 (state-changed), data = { process = 000002876047C350 (pid = 9944), state = stopped}}, unique =0) hijack = 0000000000000000
  // It is catched by "lldb.Debugger"!
   000002875DB0BD40 Listener('lldb.Debugger')::AddEvent (event_sp = {00000287604D4CB0})
  // And only now the target adds its hijacking listener!
   0x000002875FCB1AE0 Broadcaster("lldb.process")::HijackBroadcaster (listener("lldb.Target.Launch.hijack")=0x000002875FFCFE10)



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