[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D119548: [lldb] Fix race condition between lldb-vscode and stop hooks executor

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Mon Feb 14 06:40:27 PST 2022

labath added a comment.

Ah, I'm sorry. It seems I misunderstood the nature of the problem. Let me try again.

In your description of the problem, I think the problematic part is the sequencing of steps 5 and 6. You're saying that the main thread returns from a "synchronous" launch operation even though the stop event is still being processed by the event handler thread. That doesn't seem right to me because the whole point of switching to synchronous mode was to ensure that, by the time the operation returns, the process is stopped and ready to accept additional commands. That won't work if the stop hooks are still running in the background.

So, I'd say that the bug is caused by the lack of proper ordering between these two events, and instead of making the code cope with it, the right fix is to add the synchronization. I think that could be achieved by "hijacking" the process events in the case of a synchronous launch, similar to how we do it for synchronous resumes (compare Process::Resume and Process:ResumeSynchronous) -- except that this may be slightly trickier to implement because some of our (platform-specific) launch code already hijacks these events.

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