[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D116211: With firmware debug sess, if gdb stub knows the UUID/address of binary, try to load it

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Thu Dec 23 01:11:51 PST 2021

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We have a gdb stub that can get the UUID and address/slide of the firmware running on a device, and I'm adding support for sending that information up to lldb, so lldb can try to find & load the binary at the correct address/offset.

I'd discussed this once in the past, long ago, trying to decide how we would handle this - a new packet? - and I think it was Greg who suggested qHostInfo could get a couple of new key-value pairs to do it.  I think that idea is the right one, but it makes more sense in qProcessInfo to me, so that's where I've implemented it.

I haven't thought up a way to test this artificially yet.  While writing the patch, I hardcoded the new fields in debugserver's qProcessInfo reply, and I removed the darwin dynamic loader plugins in lldb, so they wouldn't get control and wipe the image list I manually loaded, hah.

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