[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D108831: [lldb] [gdb-remote] Add x86_64 pseudo-registers when using gdbserver

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Add a pre- and post-finalize hooks to GDBRemoteRegisterContext that add
missing pseudo-register on x86_64.  This is necessary since -- unlike
lldb-server -- gdbserver does not include pseudo-registers in its target
definitions.  Both hooks are implemented in a separate file for x86_64,
and can be easily defined for other architectures.

The pre-finalize hook checks whether appropriate x86_64 pseudo-registers
are defined (e.g. the EAX, AX, AH, AL, MMi registers, etc.).  If they
are not, it defines them referring to the full registers via value_regs

Then, the already-present logic in the finalize function sets
appropriate offsets based on the value_regs linking.  The exception to
that are the AH..DH registers which carry the offsets of AL..DL at this
point due to the limitation of value_regs logic.

Finally, the post-finalize hook takes care of adjusting the offsets
of AH..DH registers.  While technically this could be resolved via some
generic logic in RegisterInfo, given it applies only to a 4 very
specific registers, it seemed cleaner not to require global LLDB changes
and instead perform the fixup in a hook.



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