[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D102757: [lldb] Remove non address bits when looking up memory regions

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Wed May 19 04:07:38 PDT 2021

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One of the main reasons the MTE commands need to handle addresses is to lookup memory regions, this generalises the handling of that. I'm not sure yet if the "GetStuff" in process and "DoGetStuff" in subclasses is viable for all the areas where non address bits are important. If there's a lot of instances maybe we'd go in the direction of handling "smart" address parameters that know what their address bits are but that's more involved.

I need to add a corefile test but I'm pretty sure the ABI plugin approach should work there. (Omair was able to use a core file in https://reviews.llvm.org/D99944)

Also there is the issue that in GetMemoryRegion we don't know if it's a code or data pointer which is relevant for PAC. (though you could apply both masks, assuming the VA size is the same for code and data, seems reasonable)

@jasonmolenda / @vsk You might have something downstream that tackles the same issue. I wonder if we're on the same track.

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