[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D100338: Add a setting that enables memory to be read from the file cache instead of process when the section LLDB is reading from is read-only

Jason Molenda via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Apr 12 18:38:07 PDT 2021

jasonmolenda added a comment.

In D100338#2684550 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D100338#2684550>, @aprantl wrote:

> Another question for @jasonmolenda: Do you happen to know if the existing `prefer_file_cache` mechanism applies relocations?

We can test it to make sure like

  % cat >a.c
  char *globstr = "hello";
  % clang -dynamiclib -o liba.dylib a.c
  % cat >b.c
  extern char *globstr;
  int main() { char *c = globstr; return c[0]; }
  % clang -g -o b.out b.c -L. -la
  % lldb b.out
  (lldb) disass -b -n main
  b.out[0x100003f90] <+0>:  55                    pushq  %rbp
  b.out[0x100003f91] <+1>:  48 89 e5              movq   %rsp, %rbp
  b.out[0x100003f94] <+4>:  48 8b 05 65 00 00 00  movq   0x65(%rip), %rax          ; (void *)0x0000000000000000
  (lldb) br s -n main
  (lldb) r
  (lldb) disass -b -n main
      0x100003f90 <+0>:  55                    pushq  %rbp
      0x100003f91 <+1>:  48 89 e5              movq   %rsp, %rbp
      0x100003f94 <+4>:  48 8b 05 65 00 00 00  movq   0x65(%rip), %rax          ; (void *)0x0000000100128000: globstr
      0x100003f9b <+11>: c7 45 fc 00 00 00 00  movl   $0x0, -0x4(%rbp)
  (lldb) ima loo -va 0x100003f9b+0x65
        Address: b.out[0x0000000100004000] (b.out.__DATA_CONST.__got + 0)
        Summary: (void *)0x0000000100128000: globstr
         Module: file = "/tmp/b.out", arch = "x86_64"
  (lldb) x/gx 0x100003f9b+0x65
  0x100004000: 0x0000000100128000
  (lldb) tar mod dump sect b.out
    0x00000003 data-ptrs        [0x0000000100004000-0x0000000100004008)  rw-  0x00004000 0x00000008 0x00000006 b.out.__DATA_CONST.__got

This __DATA,got section is marked as rw, so we read it from memory.

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