[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D98368: [lldb] Ignore linkage diagnostic for LLDBSwigPythonBreakpointCallbackFunction (NFC)

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Wed Mar 10 12:51:48 PST 2021

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Ignore `-Wreturn-type-c-linkage` diagnostics for `LLDBSwigPythonBreakpointCallbackFunction`.

The function is defined in `python-wrapper.swig` which uses `extern "C" { ... }` blocks.
The declaration of this function in `ScriptInterpreterPython.cpp` already uses these
same pragmas to silence the warning there.

This prevents `-Werror` builds from failing.

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Index: lldb/bindings/python/python-wrapper.swig
--- lldb/bindings/python/python-wrapper.swig
+++ lldb/bindings/python/python-wrapper.swig
@@ -39,6 +39,17 @@
 // This function is called by lldb_private::ScriptInterpreterPython::BreakpointCallbackFunction(...)
 // and is used when a script command is attached to a breakpoint for execution.
+#pragma clang diagnostic push
+#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wreturn-type-c-linkage"
+// Disable warning C4190: 'LLDBSwigPythonBreakpointCallbackFunction' has
+// C-linkage specified, but returns UDT 'llvm::Expected<bool>' which is
+// incompatible with C
+#if _MSC_VER
+#pragma warning (push)
+#pragma warning (disable : 4190)
 SWIGEXPORT llvm::Expected<bool>
@@ -85,6 +96,12 @@
     return result.get().get() != Py_False;
+#if _MSC_VER
+#pragma warning (pop)
+#pragma clang diagnostic pop
 // This function is called by lldb_private::ScriptInterpreterPython::WatchpointCallbackFunction(...)
 // and is used when a script command is attached to a watchpoint for execution.

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