[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D97287: [lldb][NFC] Rename the second ValueObjectManager to ValueObjectUpdater and remove the dead code

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`ValueObject.h` contains the `ValueObject::ValueObjectManager` type which is just a typedef
for the ClusterManager that takes care of the whole ValueObject memory management. However,
there is also `ValueObjectManager` defined in the same header which is only used in the curses UI
implementation and consists mostly of dead and completely untested code.

This code been around since a while (it was added in 2016 as 8369b28da0750129ababae357bea98940800a0e0),
so I think we shouldn't just revert the whole patch.

Instead this patch just moves the class to its own header that it isn't just hiding in the ValueObject
header and renames it to `ValueObjectUpdater` that it at least has a unique name (which I hope also slightly
better reflects the purpose of this class). I also deleted all the dead code branches and functions.



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