[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D93895: Implement vAttachWait in lldb-server

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Tue Jan 5 14:29:03 PST 2021

clayborg added a comment.

In D93895#2480554 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D93895#2480554>, @augusto2112 wrote:

>> Here lies the problem that I mentioned above. I would like to avoid having to launch lldb-server with any arguments so that we continue to work with older lldb-servers.
>> So maybe we just rely on defaults for now and avoid having to add any new arguments to "process attach" and to the launching of the lldb-server? Let me know your thoughts.
> Sorry, I don't think I fully understand this point. Do you mean we shouldn't add  'waitfor-interval' and 'waitfor-duration' since older lldb-server versions might not recognize the packet format?

I would vote to:

- modify lldb-server
  - add '--waitfor-interval' and '--waitfor-duration' options to lldb-server for people that want to launch lldb-server manually
  - add vAttachWait, vAttachOrWait and the query packet to check if vAttachOrWait is supported
- no modifications to lldb itself

If I understood what you were asking before when you said:

> On "Options.td", besides the "process attach" command, there's also a "platform process attach". I haven't touched it since I'm not familiar with the platform command. Should I add these flags to the platform counterpart as well?

It sounded like you were going to modify "process attach" to take options that would allow people to specify the '--waitfor-interval' and '--waitfor-duration' and then when we spawned lldb-server, pass these same options down to lldb-server or debugserver on Darwin. I was thinking it would be nice to avoid this part of the change as it then requires any lldb-server that LLDB uses to support these options. Lets say someone has a lldb-server already installed on their system, only updates the lldb binary and then tries to debug something with "process attach --waitfor". It would launch the lldb-server possibly with the '--waitfor-interval' options and it would exit with a non zero status saying "I don't know that option". Do we currently add or remove options when launching lldb-server based on any "process attach" arguments? If we do, then my suggestion doesn't make sense. If we don't, then it does make sense.

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