[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D92164: Make SBDebugger internal variable getter and setter not use CommandInterpreter's context

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SBDebugger asks CommandInterpreter for execution context, however, the interpreter's context will not be updated until a command will be executed (may never happen when using SB API). It means that the behavior of these functions depends on previous user actions. The context can stay uninitialized, point to a currently selected target, or point to one of the previously selected targets.

This patch makes SBDebugger use execution context built upon the selected target. Notice, that even SBCommandInterpreter::GetProcess doesn't use CommandInterpreter's execution context.
Also, add error logging to GetInternalVariableValue.

Added test reproduces the issue. Without this fix, the last assertion fails because the interpreter's execution context is empty until running "target list", so, the value of the global property was updated instead of the process's local instance.

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