[Lldb-commits] [lldb] 1b1d981 - Revert "Revert "Add the ability to write target stop-hooks using the ScriptInterpreter.""

Pavel Labath via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 30 12:01:51 PDT 2020

On 30/09/2020 20:45, Jim Ingham wrote:
> I also used to get e-mails when a test failed and I was on the changes list.  But I haven’t gotten any failure e-mails.  Does that only happen for some of the bots (or has that stopped working) or should I look to my filters?
> Jim

You didn't get an email when the patch was committed, because the test
happened to pass the first time around and only fail in some of the
later builds. That's the problem with flaky tests -- whenever they fail
(flake) a random person gets a breakage email for their unrelated change.

As the test flaps on and off nondeterministically, I very much doubt
this is a problem with the incremental build. E.g. the only change in
build http://lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/lldb-x86_64-debian/builds/18360
was a change to the gn build files, which is a noop for regular cmake
build. Both builds before it and after it were green.

Though it's possible, I would be surprised if this problem is limited to
linux systems -- a more likely explanation is that the linux buildbots
have a much higher throughput (lldb-x86_64-debian clocks 70 builds per
day vs. 13 builds/day for lldb-cmake on green dragon), and so flaky
tests get noticed sooner there.


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