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The `macos-setup-codesign.sh` script has been in place for over two years. If there are no known issues, it's a good time to drop the manual steps from the docs.

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Index: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst
--- lldb/docs/resources/build.rst
+++ lldb/docs/resources/build.rst
@@ -575,8 +575,11 @@
 To use the in-tree debug server on macOS, lldb needs to be code signed. The
 Debug, DebugClang and Release builds are set to code sign using a code signing
-certificate named ``lldb_codesign``. This document explains how to set up the
-signing certificate.
+certificate named ``lldb_codesign``.
+Automatic setup, run:
+* ``scripts/macos-setup-codesign.sh``
 Note that it's possible to build and use lldb on macOS without setting up code
 signing by using the system's debug server. To configure lldb in this way with
@@ -589,56 +592,6 @@
 code signing using the executable's file system node, so you will need to
 delete the file so the kernel clears its cache.
-Automatic setup:
-* Run ``scripts/macos-setup-codesign.sh``
-Manual setup steps:
-* Launch /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access.app
-* In Keychain Access select the ``login`` keychain in the ``Keychains`` list in
-  the upper left hand corner of the window.
-* Select the following menu item: Keychain Access->Certificate Assistant->Create a Certificate...
-* Set the following settings
-	Name = lldb_codesign
-	Identity Type = Self Signed Root
-	Certificate Type = Code Signing
-* Click Create
-* Click Continue
-* Click Done
-* Click on the "My Certificates"
-* Double click on your new ``lldb_codesign`` certificate
-* Turn down the "Trust" disclosure triangle, scroll to the "Code Signing" trust
-  pulldown menu and select "Always Trust" and authenticate as needed using your
-  username and password.
-* Drag the new ``lldb_codesign`` code signing certificate (not the public or
-  private keys of the same name) from the ``login`` keychain to the ``System``
-  keychain in the Keychains pane on the left hand side of the main Keychain
-  Access window. This will move this certificate to the ``System`` keychain.
-  You'll have to authorize a few more times, set it to be "Always trusted" when
-  asked.
-* Remove ``~/Desktop/lldb_codesign.cer`` file on your desktop if there is one.
-* In the Keychain Access GUI, click and drag ``lldb_codesign`` in the
-  ``System`` keychain onto the desktop. The drag will create a
-  ``Desktop/lldb_codesign.cer`` file used in the next step.
-* Switch to Terminal, and run the following:
-  sudo security add-trust -d -r trustRoot -p basic -p codeSign -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain ~/Desktop/lldb_codesign.cer
-  rm -f ~/Desktop/lldb_codesign.cer
-* Drag the ``lldb_codesign`` certificate from the ``System`` keychain back into
-  the ``login`` keychain
-* Quit Keychain Access
-* Reboot
-* Clean by removing all previously creating code signed binaries and rebuild
-  lldb and you should be able to debug.
 When you build your LLDB for the first time, the Xcode GUI will prompt you for
 permission to use the ``lldb_codesign`` keychain. Be sure to click "Always
 Allow" on your first build. From here on out, the ``lldb_codesign`` will be

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