[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D86996: [lldb] Add -l/--language option to script command

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Tue Sep 1 18:43:35 PDT 2020

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Make it possible to run the `script` command with a different language than currently selected.

  $ ./bin/lldb -l python
  (lldb) script -l lua
  >>> io.stdout:write("Hello, Wolrd!\n")
  Hello, Wolrd!

Because of the ability to pass anything after the `script` command, it is implemented as a `CommandObjectRaw`. In a first attempt I tried to change this to a `CommandObjectParsed` in order to have the existing infrastructure parse the language argument and have the script contents as the first argument. That didn't work out, first because it unconditionally removed quotes from within the script expression and second because it attempts to expand script commands between backticks. Given how easy it is to parse the language argument, I think it's warranted to keep the `CommandObjectRaw` and just do the parsing manually.



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