[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D86436: [lldb] Fix Type::GetByteSize for pointer types

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Mon Aug 24 10:23:47 PDT 2020

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@labath something we noticed when finding this (and related bugs) is that `frame var` carries a decent diagnostic

  (int *) l_125 = <empty constant data>

and the expression parser returns just returns something not particularly useful:

  (lldb) p l_125 
  error: <lldb wrapper prefix>:43:31: no member named 'l_125' in namespace '$__lldb_local_vars'
      using $__lldb_local_vars::l_125;
  error: <user expression 0>:1:1: use of undeclared identifier 'l_125'

>From my testing infrastructure/fuzzing perspective the two are indistinguishable, as the script I've written chokes on both, but it would be better from an ergonomics point of view if `p` would return something meaningful, if possible (even if there's a bug in lldb). Do you think it's worth filing a PR? (also, cc: @teemperor for ideas as he spent a fair amount of time working on the expression parser)

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