[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D81001: [lldb] Display autosuggestion part in gray if there is one possible suggestion

Shu Anzai via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Mon Aug 3 05:32:10 PDT 2020

gedatsu217 added a comment.

  def test_hidden_autosuggestion(self):
  def test_autosuggestion(self):
      self.launch(extra_args=["-o", "settings set show-autosuggestion true", "-o", "settings set use-color true"])
      self.expect("help frame v")
      self.expect("help frame info")
      [type 'help frame v' and check for the three space after the grey part to cover up the "nfo" text]

Sorry, would you tell me about this code in more detail? Does this mean that I should make test_hidden_autosuggestion and test if there are spaces there? What is the difference between test_hidden_autosuggestion and test_autosuggestion?

> I don't think the value of m_previous_autosuggestion_size should only grow (which is what this if is doing), as this way we just keep printing a longer and longer space buffer over time. Just printing enough to clear the buffer of the previous completion is enough.

If I keep the number of characters of the only previous command, I think there is a problem.  For example, If I type "help frame var" → "help frame info" → "help frame v", the remains are hidden. However, If I type  "help frame var" → "help frame info" → "help" → "help frame v", the number of characters of "help frame var" is more than that of "help", so "help frame v[aro]" is displayed. What do you think?

> Also you can just do this calculation directly after you calculated int spaces_to_print above. This way this code is closer together which hopefully makes this easier to understand.

For example, if the user executes a command directly after using tab-completion, Editline::TypedCharacter is not called, so spaces_to_print is not calculated. That is because I can calculate this here.

By the way, I found a bug again. The gray characters remain when only one character is completed by tab-completion.  
For instance, when I type "b" and press tab-key after I execute "breakpoint", b [eakpoint] is displayed. [eakpoint] should not be displayed.  This problem will be probably solved by my previous diff (https://reviews.llvm.org/D81001?id=276468). But this diff changes Editline::TabCommand significantly. Would you tell me a good way if any?



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