[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D81032: [lldb/Test] Don't print 'command invoked'

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Tue Jun 2 13:43:20 PDT 2020

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The different tools constructing dotest invocations (lit and
lldb-dotest) already print the command invocation so there's no point in
duplicating it in the dotest output.

My motivation for removing it is that it doesn't include the 
the Python interpreter and every time I accidentally copy it
the command fails with an `ImportError`.




Index: lldb/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/dotest.py
--- lldb/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/dotest.py
+++ lldb/packages/Python/lldbsuite/test/dotest.py
@@ -49,9 +49,6 @@
 from lldbsuite.test_event.event_builder import EventBuilder
 from ..support import seven
-def get_dotest_invocation():
-    return ' '.join(sys.argv)
 def is_exe(fpath):
     """Returns true if fpath is an executable."""
@@ -220,7 +217,6 @@
         parser = dotest_args.create_parser()
         args = parser.parse_args()
-        print(get_dotest_invocation())
     if args.unset_env_varnames:
@@ -243,10 +239,6 @@
     if args.set_inferior_env_vars:
         lldbtest_config.inferior_env = ' '.join(args.set_inferior_env_vars)
-    # Only print the args if being verbose.
-    if args.v:
-        print(get_dotest_invocation())
     if args.h:
         do_help = True
@@ -1085,7 +1077,6 @@
         "\nSession logs for test failures/errors/unexpected successes"
         " will go into directory '%s'\n" %
-    sys.stderr.write("Command invoked: %s\n" % get_dotest_invocation())
     # Invoke the default TextTestRunner to run the test suite

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