[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D78801: [LLDB] Add class ProcessWasm for WebAssembly debugging

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Wed Apr 29 10:43:39 PDT 2020

ted added a comment.

Hi Paulo,
@clayborg asked me to look at this, because I've worked with systems that have multiple address spaces. I was thinking, instead of a WebAssembly specific memory read, we should implement an optional generic memory read and write with memory space support.

So instead of qWasmMem:frame_index;addr;len, we have something like qMemSpaceRead:addr;space;len and qMemSpaceWrite:addr;space;len;data .

"space" is stub dependent - it's just a number, and can mean different things for different targets. It could be different modules, like you talk about here, or different physical memory areas like in a Motorola 56K DSP, or different ways to get at the same memory (physical/virtual/cacheable, or directly controlling MESI bits instead of relying on TLB entries) like I implemented in FSLDBG.

If we do this, other targets that want to work with memory spaces can use them instead of having to implement their own extensions.

About the expression problem - the IR Interpreter doesn't handle some complex expressions. It needs work, but most targets use JIT. On Hexagon, we only recently enabled JIT in the compiler, and haven't done it in the debugger yet, so we use the IR Interpreter for everything. Unfortunately I haven't had time to dive into it to make it better.

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