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This patch is a refactoring of  https://reviews.llvm.org/D78801. As suggested, I have created a separate patch to more easily compare the implementations.
Even here, the goal is to use the GDB-remote protocol to connect to a Wasm engine that implements a GDB-remote stub that offers the ability to access the engine runtime internal state.

Here I am removing the interface IWasmProcess and the new class WasmProcessGDBRemote and moving most of the Wasm logic in `ProcessGDBRemote`.
I am still adding the new Unwind class `UnwindWasm`, which now however is in core and not in plugins code.  Having a Unwind-derived class for Wasm unwinding seems to be the cleanest solution.

The advantage with this new design is that the required changes are smaller and isolated in a few places.
The drawback is that three 'core' classes (UnwindWasm, Value and DWARFExpression) have now a dependency on ProcessGDBRemote and/or ThreadGDBRemote. This could be avoided re-introducing a core interface like IWasmProcess. We could add a couple of virtual method  `bool IsWasmProcess()` and `IWasmProcess* AsWasmProcess()` to Process, which would be overridden by ProcessGDBRemote. Then these classes could just query this interface, removing direct dependencies on GDBRemote.

I am also adding a new `qSupported` flag named "wasm" that should tell LLDB whether the remote supports Wasm debugging.

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