[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D78839: [lldb-vscode] Add an option for loading core files

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Mon Apr 27 04:15:25 PDT 2020

labath added a comment.

In D78839#2004278 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D78839#2004278>, @clayborg wrote:

> You might look around for a core file in another test location and be able to use that.

Yep, there's plenty to choose from in `test/API/functionalities/postmortem/elf-core/`.

Comment at: lldb/tools/lldb-vscode/lldb-vscode.cpp:533
   auto attachCommands = GetStrings(arguments, "attachCommands");
-  g_vsc.stop_at_entry = GetBoolean(arguments, "stopOnEntry", false);
+  auto core_file = GetString(arguments, "coreFile");
+  g_vsc.stop_at_entry =
I can't tell what does this return from this snippet. I don't think this is a good use of `auto`.

Comment at: lldb/tools/lldb-vscode/lldb-vscode.cpp:577
+    else
+      g_vsc.target.LoadCore(core_file.data(), error);
     // Reenable async events
Judging by this, it probably returns a StringRef. Is it always guaranteed to be null-terminated?

Comment at: lldb/tools/lldb-vscode/package.json:226
+								"type": "string",
+								"description": "Path to the core file to debug. It's necessary to specify the \"program\" argument as well."
Is the second part really true? lldb is able to open a core file without specifying the main executable (and in some cases it will even automatically find the matching executable).

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