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Tue Mar 31 03:18:23 PDT 2020

labath added a comment.

Making a plugin out of this sounds like a good idea to me, and I could immediately find several downstream users for it. However, it seems to me there is a great deal of overlap between this SymbolServer thingy and the existing SymbolVendor plugin (I mean, "vend" and "serve" are basically synonyms in this context). The main difference is that SymbolVendor is responsible for just finding the symbol file (in case it is not in the main executable), where as this new thing could also be used for finding the main executable too (as well as the relevant source files).

I think it would be very confusing to have both symbol "vendors" and "servers" and we should try hard to implement that with a single interface. The SymbolVendor doesn't do much nowadays (it's basically just a single function that tries to search in various locations -- the rest is boilerplate). If we add more functionality to it, it might make it seem less baroque.

That might also help the path remapping situation. Since symbol vendors sort of sit in between the SymbolFile and Module classes, it should be possible to arrange things such that they see the raw paths coming out of the symbol file, before they are mangled by various mappings.

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