[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D75750: [lldb] integrate debuginfod

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Mon Mar 30 04:50:29 PDT 2020

fche2 added a comment.

In D75750#1949527 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D75750#1949527>, @labath wrote:


> I am expecting that this feature will hook in very near to `DownloadObjectAndSymbolFile` for downloading the debug info, but it's not clear to me how would the source files fit in. Currently, debuginfod only provides an api to retrieve a single source file, so this code would have to parse all of the debug info, pry out the source files, and download them one by one -- a complicated and slow process.

Yeah, as debuginfod does not support a batch type of source download, maybe this particular lldb site is not an ideal fit..

> (*) Though it seems very wasteful to download all files when we are going to need only a handful of them, it may not really be that way -- we're going to be downloading all of debug info anyway, and this is going to be much larger that all of source code put together.

I see your point, OTOH you only download the whole debuginfo because you currently have no choice.  (Someday with debuginfod or such, you might be able to offload the DWARF searches, and then you won't have to download the whole thing.)  We do have the choice to download sources on demand.

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