[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D65784: [lldb] delete "--platform-path" option from "target create"

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Mon Aug 5 17:53:57 PDT 2019

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This option is dead. lldb under platform mode can resolve the path wether it's on remote platform or not
clean the option to avoid misleading




Index: lldb/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp
--- lldb/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp
+++ lldb/source/Commands/CommandObjectTarget.cpp
@@ -220,9 +220,6 @@
         m_option_group(), m_arch_option(),
         m_core_file(LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "core", 'c', 0, eArgTypeFilename,
                     "Fullpath to a core file to use for this target."),
-        m_platform_path(LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "platform-path", 'P', 0,
-                        eArgTypePath,
-                        "Path to the remote file to use for this target."),
         m_symbol_file(LLDB_OPT_SET_1, false, "symfile", 's', 0,
                       "Fullpath to a stand alone debug "
@@ -248,7 +245,6 @@
     m_option_group.Append(&m_arch_option, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
     m_option_group.Append(&m_core_file, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
-    m_option_group.Append(&m_platform_path, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
     m_option_group.Append(&m_symbol_file, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
     m_option_group.Append(&m_remote_file, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
     m_option_group.Append(&m_add_dependents, LLDB_OPT_SET_ALL, LLDB_OPT_SET_1);
@@ -472,7 +468,6 @@
   OptionGroupOptions m_option_group;
   OptionGroupArchitecture m_arch_option;
   OptionGroupFile m_core_file;
-  OptionGroupFile m_platform_path;
   OptionGroupFile m_symbol_file;
   OptionGroupFile m_remote_file;
   OptionGroupDependents m_add_dependents;

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