[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D65330: [lldb][docs] Update documentation for monorepo and CMake caches

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Fri Jul 26 06:07:09 PDT 2019

jryans added a comment.

In general, this looks great overall! I added few comments on things that would be good to clarify.

Comment at: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst:108
+subprojects to build in addition to LLVM. Read more about additional options in
+the CMake Options paragraph. Now run ninja to perform the actual build. We pass
+``lldb`` here as the target, so it only builds what is necessary to run the
Nit: It would be nice to have this link to the CMake Options paragraph.

Comment at: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst:144
+          -DLLVM_DIR=/path/to/llvm-build/lib/cmake/llvm \
+          -DClang_DIR=/path/to/llvm-build/lib/cmake/clang \
+          [<more cmake options>] /path/to/llvm-project/lldb
Is the casing of `Clang_DIR` important here? (In most cases, CMake defines are all upper case, but perhaps this one is special?) If the casing is important, I would suggest noting that here. If it's not important, it's probably simpler go all upper case to match other usages.

Comment at: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst:242
+`lldb/cmake/caches/ <https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/tree/master/lldb/cmake/caches>`_
It's unclear from reading the paragraph if using these caches is recommended for most users. If it is, it would helpful to state that. In general, some kind of statement that answers "who should use this" would help.

Comment at: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst:260
+Build LLDB Standalone for development with Xcode:
Nit: Standalone -> standalone perhaps?

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