[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D62630: Fix a regression in DWARF access speed caused by svn revision 356190

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Wed May 29 14:33:40 PDT 2019

clayborg created this revision.
clayborg added reviewers: labath, JDevlieghere, zturner, aadsm.
Herald added a subscriber: aprantl.

The issue was caused by the error checking code that was added. It was incorrectly adding an extra abbreviation when DWARFEnumState::Complete was received since it would push an extra abbreviation onto the list with the abbreviation code of zero. This cause m_idx_offset to be set to UINT32_MAX and caused every DWARFDebugInfoEntry that would try to get its DWARFAbbreviationDeclaration from the CU's DWARFAbbreviationDeclarationSet to always linearly search the abbreviation set for a given abbreviation code. Easy to see why this would cause things to be slow.

This regression was caused by: https://reviews.llvm.org/D59370. I asked to ensure there was no regression is parsing or access speed, but that must not have been done. In my test with 40 DWARF files trying to set a breakpoint by function name and in a header file, I see a 8% speed improvement with this fix.

There was no regression in correctness, just very inefficient access.

Added full unit testing for DWARFAbbreviationDeclarationSet parsing to ensure this doesn't regress.



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