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Thanks for the review @JDevlieghere! 😄 This should be ready for another look. I don't have commit access yet, so assuming it's approved, please commit when you have time.

Comment at: lldb/docs/resources/build.rst:242
-We first need to checkout the source trees into the appropriate locations. Both
-Clang and LLDB build as subprojects of LLVM. This means we will be checking out
-the source for both Clang and LLDB into the tools subdirectory of LLVM. We will
-be setting up a directory hierarchy looking something like this:
-                  llvm
-                  |
-                  `-- tools
-                      |
-                      +-- clang
-                      |
-                      `-- lldb
-For reference, we will call the root of the LLVM project tree $llvm, and the
-roots of the Clang and LLDB source trees $clang and $lldb respectively.
-Change to the directory where you want to do development work and checkout
-  > svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/llvm/trunk llvm
-Now switch to LLVM’s tools subdirectory and checkout both Clang and LLDB:
-  > cd $llvm/tools
-  > svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/cfe/trunk clang
-  > svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk lldb
-In general, building the LLDB trunk revision requires trunk revisions of both
-LLVM and Clang.
 It is highly recommended that you build the system out of tree. Create a second
 build directory and configure the LLVM project tree to your specifications as
JDevlieghere wrote:
> Let's remove the next paragraph as well and remove the whole section.
Makes sense to me! I have updated to do so.

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