[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D55142: Minidump debugging using the native PDB reader

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Mon Dec 17 08:40:40 PST 2018

zturner added a comment.

I thought about what my "ideal" design would look like.  I'm not suggesting anyone should actually go off and do this, but since we're brainstorming design anyway, it doesn't hurt to consider what an optimal one should look like (and for the record, there may be things I haven't considered that cuase this design to not work or be suboptimal or not work at all).  Just throwing it out there.

1. Rename `ObjectFile` to `ModuleFile` to indicate that a) it makes no sense without a Module, and b) it doesn't make sense for symbol-only files.

2. Rename `SymbolVendor` to `SymbolFileLocator`.  Mostly cosmetic, but more clearly differentiates the responsibilities of the two classes.  (e.g. wouldn't you expect SymbolFiles to be able to "vend" symbols)?

3. `SymbolFileLocator` returns a `unique_ptr<SymbolFile>`.  Nothing more.  It has no other methods.

4. `Target` contains a `vector<unique_ptr<SymbolFileLocator>>` as well as methods `AddSymbolFileLocator(unique_ptr<SymbolFileLocator>)` and `unique_ptr<SymbolFile> LocateSymboleFile(Module&)`.  The former gives things like the Platform or Process the ability to customize the behavior.  The latter, when called, will iterate through the list of `SymbolFileLocators`, trying to find one that works.

5. `Module` contains a `unique_ptr<SymbolFile>`.  When `GetSymbolFile()` is called for the first time, it calls `Target::LocateSymbolFile(*this)` and updates its member variable.

6. `ModuleFile` is updated to support "capabilities" much like `SymbolFile` is today.  One of these capabilities can be "has unwind info".  Likewise, "has unwind info is added to `SymbolFile` capabilities as well.  `Module` can then select the best provider of unwind info using this approach.

And finally

7. `SymbolFile` now stores a variable `m_module` instead of `m_obj_file` since this is usually what the `SymbolFile` requires anyway, and it also eliminates the dependency on `SymbolFile` being backed by an `ObjectFile`.  Note that in this case, a `SymbolFileBreakpad` for example would have its `m_module` variable set to the actual module that its providing symbols for.



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