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This patch adds support for parsing and evaluating local variables. using the native pdb plugin.

While implementing this, I came up with several new ideas for increasing test coverage throughout LLDB (not limited to this plugin), including:

- We should start extending AST tests to other types of targets and debug info, not just windows / native pdb.  This uncovered a few bugs for me here that allowed me to proceed.
- We should have comprehensive test coverage of the DWARFExpression evaluator in lldb/Expression/DWARFExpression.cpp.  This would allow us to improve test coverage of scenarios that require compilers to emit specific debug info, and allow us to do it in a way that doesn't require that debug info to have been emitted by some compiler.
- We should add options to `lldb-test` that will allow it to call into `SymbolFile::ResolveSymbolContext` and dump the output in some format that is interesting for file checking.  This function is at the heart of a lot of logic, and if it doesn't work, many things will fail.  Being able to test all of the edge cases of this function would weed out a lot of problems.

Anyway, for now these are all just ideas.  For this patch, I've just implemented support for local variables and a test to make sure it works.  One interesting thing: With the old PDB plugin, this test takes over 1 minute to run.  With the new PDB plugin, it takes about 2 seconds.



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