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If we build LLDB.framework, dependant tools need appropriate RPATHs in both locations, the build-tree (for testing) and the install-tree (for deployment). Luckily, CMake can handle it for us: https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/community/wikis/doc/cmake/RPATH-handling.

- In the build-tree, tools use the absolute path to the framework's actual output location.
- In the install-tree, tools get a list of RPATHs to look for the framework when deployed.

`LLDB_FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_DIR` is added to the `CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX` to change the relative location of LLDB.framework in the install-tree. If it is not empty, it will be added as an additional RPATH to all dependant tools (so they are functional in the install-tree). If it is empty, LLDB.framework goes to the root of the install-tree. Tools will not be functional in the direcoty structure of the LLVM install-tree. 
For historical reasons `LLDB_FRAMEWORK_INSTALL_DIR` defaults to "Library/Frameworks".



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