[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D54682: [Driver] Extract option parsing and option processing.

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Sun Nov 18 19:29:51 PST 2018

I’ve often thought we should convert LLDB’s command line parsing code over
to use either cl::opt or lib/Option. This would also solve the problem you
describe here at the same time.

Do you think it’s worth trying to do this?
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> JDevlieghere created this revision.
> JDevlieghere added reviewers: clayborg, labath, zturner, jingham.
> JDevlieghere added a project: LLDB.
> In order to deal consistently with global state in LLDB, the reproducer
> feature affects LLDB's initialization. For example, when replaying, the
> FileSystem singleton is initialized with a virtual file system.
> This is a problem for the driver because it initialized the debugger
> before parsing command line options. The reason is that the driver, among
> other things, checks whether files exists (e.g. core files, target, files
> to be sourced). It also relies on the debugger to parse things like the
> (scripting) language, the architecture, etc.
> In an initial attempt I tried to populate the OptionData before the
> debugger is initialized. This proved to be complicated, because of the
> sanity checks that are performed by calling into the debugger of the
> filesystem. Although it would be possible to perform these checks after
> parsing, it would cause errors to no longer appear in the same order as
> specified by the user, but in an arbitrary order specified by the driver
> implementation. Although I like the idea conceptually I don't believe this
> is an acceptable regression.
> Implemented in this patch is a new `ArgParser` class that extracts the
> existing argument parsing logic. Basically it calls `getopt_long_only`
> repeatedly and populates a list with the short option and its value.
> Because the `ArgParser` is //dumb// it can do all its work before the
> debugger is initialized. Afterwards the driver iterates over the options
> from the argparser (instead of calling `getopt_long_only` every time) and
> do whatever is needed.
> Repository:
> https://reviews.llvm.org/D54682
> Files:
>   tools/driver/Driver.cpp
>   tools/driver/Driver.h
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