[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D54009: Refactor LLDB lit configuration files

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I took a brief look and I have a question about the usage of clang (rather than clang-cl).

In general I would agree that we have an exact path of clang (or gcc) that we are trying to use and they’re specified by using %cc and %cxx in the test files, but there are a number of test files that simply use clang e.g.:

SymbolFile\DWARF\find-variable-dwo.cpp:3:// RUN: clang %s -g -gsplit-dwarf -c -emit-llvm -o - --target=x86_64-pc-linux -DONE

In this case, are we not going to pick up whatever clang happens to be in the path instead of one that was explicitly specified? Is this intentional?


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I think it must be related to setting up the environment in which to run clang.  In all other projects we call llvm_config.use_clang() which is in llvm/utils/lit/lit/llvm/config.py, but because here we have an exact path of a clang we are trying to use, we skip this function in LLDB's lit configuration files.  But there is also a lot of other logic in that function, so perhaps it's some of that logic that's necessary.

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But all compiles without errors if I run this manually:

  clang-cl -m32 /Z7 /c /GS- C:\Work\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\SymbolFile\PDB/Inputs/SimpleTypesTest.cpp /o C:\Work\llvm\build_x86\tools\lldb\lit\SymbolFile\PDB\Output/SimpleTypesTest.cpp.enums.obj



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