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For the reproducer feature I need to be able to export and import the current LLDB configuration. To realize this I've extended the existing functionality to print settings. With the help of a new formatting option, we can now write the settings and their values to a file structured as regular commands.

Concretely the functionality works as follows:

  (lldb) settings export /path/to/file

This file contains a bunch of `settings set` commands, followed by the setting's name and value.

  settings set use-external-editor false
  settings set use-color true
  settings set auto-one-line-summaries true
  settings set auto-indent true

Loading the settings again is as simple as sourcing the newly created file:

  (lldb) command source /path/to/file

I had to make a few small changes here to make this work:

- When a value is not set `settings set <setting>` is equal to `settings clear <setting>`. This is because not all settings have a meaningful default For example for `settings set` we used to print `unknown` which is not a value the user can set.
- I introduced a new printing option and group for printing options as commands. This relates to printing everything on a single line for things like arrays and dicts.

There's one setting that is proving to be a pain: the disassembly format value. Currently we don't accept our own default value. I don't know what the problem is but I managed to work around this by escaping the back ticks.




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