[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D52065: WWW docs for scripted breakpoint resolvers

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Fri Sep 14 16:15:03 PDT 2018

clayborg added a comment.

See inlined comments.

Comment at: www/python-reference.html:324
+                <p>Another use of the Python API's in lldb is to create a custom breakpoint resolver.  This 
+                  allows you to implement your own logic to search the space of the code in a given Target
Maybe specify the SVN revision this went in with just in case? If they try this with older LLDBs it won't work.

Comment at: www/python-reference.html:340
+                  The Searcher can be provided with a SearchFilter that it will use to restrict this search.  For instance, if the
+                  SearchFilter specifies a list of good Modules, the Searcher will not recurse into Modules that aren't on the list.
+                </p>
Maybe mention if no modules are specified, it will search all?

Comment at: www/python-reference.html:365
+                  will pass the search.  However, you don't need to 
+                  handle this yourself.  SBBreakpoint::AddLocation will only add locations that pass the Search Filter.
+                </p>
Might be good to specify the module and compile unit filter are handled outside of the python class? Not sure anyone will know. Might be good to specify that the only thing we need to write in python is the resolver, with the caveat of addresses getting rejected due to searcher.

Comment at: www/python-reference.html:368-369
+                <p>
+                  At present, when defining a new Breakpoint type, you can only provide a custom Resolver.  Although you can't provide a custom
+                  SearchFilter, the API's that allow the definition of new scripted breakpoint types do allow you to create Search Filters
+                  specified by a list of Modules, CompileUnits, or both.
Maybe have some create example commands and detail what options are for the searcher which is auto handled for us and what part is for the resolver?



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