[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D51615: Set Windows console mode to enable support for ansi escape codes

Stella Stamenova via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Sep 6 11:21:19 PDT 2018

stella.stamenova added a comment.

This change causes one of the LLDB tests to fail on Windows. More specifically:

  FAIL: lldb :: Settings/TestDisableColor.test (42646 of 43956)
  ******************** TEST 'lldb :: Settings/TestDisableColor.test' FAILED ********************
            : 'RUN: at line 1';   E:\_work\36\b\LLVMBuild\Release\bin\lldb.EXE -S E:/_work/36/s/llvm/tools/lldb/lit/lit-lldb-init -x -b -s E:\_work\36\s\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test | E:\_work\36\b\LLVMBuild\Release\bin\FileCheck.EXE E:\_work\36\s\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test
            Exit Code: 1
            Command Output (stdout):
            $ ":" "RUN: at line 1"
            $ "E:\_work\36\b\LLVMBuild\Release\bin\lldb.EXE" "-S" "E:/_work/36/s/llvm/tools/lldb/lit/lit-lldb-init" "-x" "-b" "-s" "E:\_work\36\s\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test"
            $ "E:\_work\36\b\LLVMBuild\Release\bin\FileCheck.EXE" "E:\_work\36\s\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test"
            # command stderr:
   ##[error]llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test(7,10): Error GDC2C77F0: CHECK: expected string not found in input
        1>E:\_work\36\s\llvm\tools\lldb\lit\Settings\TestDisableColor.test(7,10): error GDC2C77F0: CHECK: expected string not found in input [e:\_work\36\b\LLVMBuild\check-all.vcxproj]
            # CHECK: use-color (boolean) = false
            <stdin>:1:1: note: scanning from here
            (lldb) command source -s 0 'E:/_work/36/s/llvm/tools/lldb/lit/lit-lldb-init'
            <stdin>:9:1: note: possible intended match here
            use-color (boolean) = true



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