[Lldb-commits] [lldb] r339178 - [lldb-mi] Re-implement target-select command

Tim Northover via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Thu Aug 9 03:35:20 PDT 2018


I think this is causing the lldb-cmake test to hang on Green Dragon.
The build revision numbers don't exactly match up for reasons I don't
quite understand, but when I locally run check-lldb this is the test
that spins for ages, and reverting this change doesn't move the
timeout elsewhere.

I think the root of the issue is that macOS's debugserver has a very
different command-line interface from lldb-server, it bails and that
causes the pipe read to hang. But there seem to be other issues when I
try to run it manually too:

tim at timn ~/llvm/llvm-project/lldb $
/Users/tim/llvm/build.lldb/bin/lldb-mi --synchronous
FileCheck: Unknown command line argument '--synchronous'.  Try:
'FileCheck -help'
FileCheck: Did you mean '-version'?
FileCheck: Not enough positional command line arguments specified!
Must specify at least 1 positional argument: See: FileCheck -help
debugserver: unrecognized option `--pipe'
debugserver-@(#)PROGRAM:LLDB  PROJECT:lldb-360.99.0
 for x86_64.
error: failed to launch process
/Users/tim/llvm/build.lldb/bin/debugserver: No such file or directory

(It doesn't exit, it hangs).

Could you take a look?



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