[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D48782: LLDB Test Suite: Provide an Option to run all tests with Dwarf Package Format (DWP).

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Tue Jul 31 01:28:46 PDT 2018

jankratochvil added a comment.

In https://reviews.llvm.org/D48782#1164786, @labath wrote:

> For the purposes of integration testing I think it would be better to just silently accept these so that all tests work "out of the box" with dwz. It might be nice to hide these details in a wrapper script.

FYI the LLDB testsuite uses DWZ in a weird way so that the DWZ common file (external file in `/usr/lib/debug/.dwz/` with DIEs shared by multiple `.debug` files) can be tested by LLDB testsuite. It makes a copy of the `.debug` file so that the DWZ-tool thinks most DIEs are used by two files and makes a DWZ common file for them. This is why such script has no use outside of the run by LLDB testsuite. This is why the script would not be useful on its own. Also currently the DWZ is ran always only on one file (two files - the one file being duplicated) while in practice one runs DWZ on multiple similar files (all files of a rpm package being built) - which is never done by the LLDB testsuite (the file duplication tests the DWZ common files more thoroughly IMO).


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