[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D47629: [DWARF] Add (empty) DebugNamesDWARFIndex class and a setting to control its use

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Fri Jun 1 06:16:34 PDT 2018

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This patch is pretty much a big noop. It adds the ability to create a
DebugNamesDWARFIndex class, but the class itself is not implemented in
any useful way. The I am putting it up this way is because of the
setting to control whether it gets used. My idea for it was the

- while the feature is under development (which hopefully won't take much longer), it will default to off. Tests will override it to true.
- once the feature is complete and we are reasonably certain it works, we flip the switch to "on" while keeping the ability to turn it off for troubleshooting purposes.
- after it has been on for a release or two and it hasn't blown up into anyone's face, we remove the setting altogether.



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