[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D40636: Create a trivial lldb-test program

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Wed Nov 29 21:57:46 PST 2017

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This is basically a proof-of-concept and starting point for having a testing-centric tool in LLDB.  I'm sure this leaves a lot of room to be desired, but this at least allows us to have something to build on.

Right now there is only one command, the `modules` command, and I created this command not because it was particularly special, but because it addressed an immediate use case and was extremely simple.

Run the tool as `lldb-test module <path-to-object>`.

Getting the linker stuff working was tricky, but hopefully I did this right.

Feel free to add testing related stuff to your heart's content after this goes in.  Implementing the commands themselves takes some work, but once they're there they can be reused without writing any code and result in very easy to use and maintain tests.

Note that due to some oddities in llvm's command line library, if you type -help you'll see a bunch of junk.  I plan to investigate and hopefully fix all that in the coming <insert-time-period-here>



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