[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D40079: Make sure DataBufferLLVM contents are writable

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We sometimes need to write to the object file we've mapped into memory,
generally to apply relocations to debug info sections. We've had that
ability before, but with the introduction of DataBufferLLVM, we have
lost it, as the underlying llvm class (MemoryBuffer) only supports
read-only mappings. The way DataBufferLLVM implemented writable buffers
was through the Private=true flag, which causes the file contents to be
read into a malloc()ed buffer.

This wasn't a problem then, since we weren't aware of any cases where we
need to relocate the debug info, and we just always set Private=false
for the cases where we mmapped the full object file. This has changed in
https://reviews.llvm.org/D38142, where needed to relocate the FreeBSD kernel, and we've flipped
the private flag to true, without even realising the full impact of
that. (The impact is significant slowdown in debug info loading and a
huge number of dirty pages).

This (not particularly elegant) commit tries to restore the performance
and bring down memory usage by bringing back the private copy-on-write
file mappings. It does this by falling back to the lower-level llvm
primitive (mapped_file_region), which supports this type of mappings.
Unfortunately, this primitive does not support non-mmapped regions, so
for volatile regions I have to still use the MemoryBuffer class.

I have also removed the "Private" argument to DataBufferLLVM factory
functions -- what it really meant was "read-only", but we generally
assume all our databuffers are writable. If we ever want to have
read-only buffers, we can bring it back with an appropriate name.



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