[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D38394: Fix dumping of characters with non-standard sizes

Petr Pavlu via Phabricator via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Tue Oct 3 07:32:50 PDT 2017

petpav01 added a comment.

Thank you for the initial review.

Comment at: source/Core/DumpDataExtractor.cpp:275-281
+      // Reject invalid item_byte_size.
+      if (item_byte_size > 8) {
+        s->Printf("error: unsupported byte size (%" PRIu64 ") for char format",
+                  (uint64_t)item_byte_size);
+        return offset;
+      }
jingham wrote:
> Should this consume the weird input we couldn't print?  I actually don't have a good feel for which would be better.
The behaviour implemented in `DumpDataExtractor()` for other formats, such as `eFormatBoolean` or `eFormatComplexInteger`, is to report an error and do not advance the offset. The approach that the patch takes is to make `eFormatChar` (and its variants) consistent with this behaviour.

Comment at: source/Utility/DataExtractor.cpp:566
                                   size_t byte_size) const {
-  switch (byte_size) {
-  case 1:
-    return GetU8(offset_ptr);
-    break;
-  case 2:
-    return GetU16(offset_ptr);
-    break;
-  case 4:
-    return GetU32(offset_ptr);
-    break;
-  default:
-    assert(false && "GetMaxU32 unhandled case!");
-    break;
-  }
-  return 0;
+  assert(byte_size <= 4 && "GetMaxU32 unhandled case!");
+  return GetMaxU64(offset_ptr, byte_size);
jingham wrote:
> This is trivial, and you didn't change what was there, but this message makes it sound like this is just something we haven't gotten to yet.  It's really "You passed in an illegal byte size"...  Might be clearer if the message said that.
I was not sure what is the expected behaviour when the input `byte_size` exceeds the size of the return type of each of these `GetMax...()` methods. The current behaviour is to assert this situation but comments describing the methods (in both `DataExtractor.cpp` and `DataExtractor.h`) say that nothing should get extracted in these cases and zero is returned.

Maybe the patch should go a bit further and clean this up as follows:
* Remove duplicated comments in `DataExtractor.cpp` for `DataExtractor::GetMaxU32()` and `GetMaxU64()` and keep only their Doxygen versions in `DataExtractor.h`.
* Update comments in `DataExtractor.h` for `DataExtractor::GetMaxU32()`, `GetMaxU64()`, `GetMaxS64()`, `GetMaxU64Bitfield()` and `GetMaxS64Bitfield()` to match the current implementation.
* Change assertion text in `DataExtractor::GetMaxU32()` and `GetMaxU64()` from "unhandled case" to "invalid byte size".

Does this sound reasonable?


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