[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D38394: Fix dumping of characters with non-standard sizes

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Fri Sep 29 02:50:55 PDT 2017

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- Prevent dumping of characters in `DumpDataExtractor()` with `item_byte_size` bigger than 8 bytes. This case is not supported by the code and results in a crash because the code calls `DataExtractor::GetMaxU64Bitfield()` -> `GetMaxU64()` that asserts for byte size > 8 bytes.
- Teach `DataExtractor::GetMaxU64()`, `GetMaxU32()` and `GetMaxS64()` how to handle byte sizes that are not a multiple of 2. This allows `DumpDataExtractor()` to dump characters and booleans with `item_byte_size` in the interval of [1, 8] bytes. Values that are not a multiple of 2 would previously result in a crash because they were not handled by `GetMaxU64()`.

Examples of two commands that previously resulted in a crash when debugging an AArch64 target, and their new behaviour:

  (lldb) register read --format character v0
        v0 = error: unsupported byte size (16) for char format
  (lldb) memory read --format boolean --size 7 $sp
  0x7ffffffd70: false
  0x7ffffffd77: false



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