[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D27632: Add Formatv() versions of all our printf style formatting functions

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Fri Dec 9 13:47:05 PST 2016

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We have various functions like `Stream::Printf()`, and `Error::SetErrorStringWithFormat()`, `Log::Printf()`, and various others.  I added functions that delegate to `formatv` in case people want to see some actual usage in practice.

I also converted a few various Printfs, etc to this syntax just to demonstrate what it looks like.  I tried to find callsites that would illustrate how it makes things simpler, such as :

- not needing to call `.c_str()` and being able to pass `std::string` and/or `StringRef` directly as the argument.

- places where the same argument is printed multiple times, only having to pass it once (incidentally this fixed a spelling mistake since when passing the argument the 2nd time, there had been a typo.  So this also serves as an example of how this is safer than Printf, since less code typed = fewer chances to mess up).

- places where complex format strings are constructed, such as using the printf width specifier `*` or `PRIx64` are used and now we can simply pass whatever type we have directly, even if it's architecture dependent like `size_t`.

Various other uses.

Obviously a change like this is too big to do all in one pass, since it would have a roughly 100% chance of introducing new bugs and be impossible to bisect.  This is basically just to get the hookups in place and have a single-digit number of illustrative use cases.



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