[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D24591: [LIT] First pass of LLDB LIT support

Chris Bieneman via lldb-commits lldb-commits at lists.llvm.org
Wed Sep 14 16:38:55 PDT 2016

beanz added a comment.

@zturner, we can absolutely add flags into the substitutions. Other projects do that too.

Comment at: lit/CMakeLists.txt:14
@@ -13,1 +13,3 @@
+option(LLDB_TEST_CLANG "Use in-tree clang when testing lldb" Off)
zturner wrote:
> beanz wrote:
> > Disallowing setting both seems reasonable to me. I'm not entirely sure how to connect `LLDB_TEST_COMPILER` up into the lit suite because we really want something that more matches the CMake style of `..._<LANG>_COMPILER` so that we could override multiple compilers.
> What if you added a parallel of `LLDB_TEST_COMPILER` directly in this file, that is used specifically for lit tests?  Like `LLDB_LIT_TEST_COMPILER` or `LLDB_LIT_CLANG_PATH`?
> The only reason I'm harping on this is because as it stands, this won't work on windows.  (The host compiler is MSVC, which uses a completely different command line syntax, and the in-tree clang is going to be a debug one when doing a debug build, which is going to be unacceptably slow).
We could add parallels. How about instead of trying to match the existing model though we go with something more like `LLDB_TEST_C_COMPILER` and `LLDB_TEST_CXX_COMPILER` as values that replace the `%cc` and `%cxx` substitutions respectively?


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